The value of a commodity CFD is related to the market performance of a commodity, like gold, for example. Commodity CFDs are an excellent vehicle for speculating on commodities and during economic crises. Check out the Commodity CFDs specifications below.

Real-time spreads

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SymbolMargin, USD1 Pip, USDSpread, Classic account, USDSpread, PRO account, USDCommission, PRO account*, USD
Metals CFDs Specifications
Energy CFDs: Oil based on front-month contract only, with expiration
Energy CFDs: Synthetic Spot Oil – no monthly expiration, based on front- and next-month futures contracts

* Commission is only applied to PRO accounts

* Please note that the table displays the minimum possible values for variable spreads. Maximum values are not limited and are determined by the market conditions at each point in the implied time period. The spreads are updated with every reload of the page.

Expiration rules

We offer expiring CFDs based on the front-month futures price of WTICrude and BrentCrud. At market close on expiration day for WTICrude / BrentCrud:
  • Open trades will be closed, and any floating profit/loss will be realised;
  • Pending orders will be cancelled.

The following trading day, WTICrude / BrentCrud will open with the next month’s futures contract as price reference. You can then re-establish any positions.

To avoid having your trades affected, consider closing them before expiration, or trading our non-expiring oil CFDs: WTISpot, BrentSpot.

Ticker in MT4 Description Expiration
Brent Crude Oil
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil

* Expiration Rules may be changed in the future, including the upcoming expiration schedule. Please always refer to our website for up-to-date information.

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