HilltopSwipe VPS

A virtual computer with its own dedicated source of stable power and resources to run your trading software, favourite programs, or just to keep your private information safe.

Why VPS?

Why is trading with a VPS so much safer than trading from your home computer?

Your trading device is likely connected to a home internet service and national electricity grid. Why would this be a problem? Well, if you lose internet connectivity, even for a few moments, you could miss the perfect opportunity to enter a trade.

With our VPS, you’re guaranteed a round-the-clock stable power source and internet connection. We have a dedicated team of professionals keeping your VPS up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And if you’re an EA user, our VPS is the perfect solution for you.

HilltopSwipe VPS PLAN
Set up cost Free
Server Location Europe
Delivery time 1 Day
CPU cores 2 Cores
CPU speed 2000Mhz
Latency 7ms
Virtual RAM 2 GB
Diskspace 60 GB (SAN Storage, RAID 10)
Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2 Web
Dedicated IP Address
Bandwidth per month 500 GB
Metatrader 4 Platform
Metatrader 5 Platform
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

How to get your HilltopSwipe VPS for FREE

All you need to do is ensure your balance is USD 3000 or higher and trade at least five lots during each billing cycle. If you keep this up, you would pay for the first month only.
  • 1. Your total HilltopSwipe balance USD 3000 or more
  • 2. Order our standard VPS
  • 3. Trade at least 5 lots during your billing cycle

Only ONE VPS service per client can be claimed free of charge