Expert Advisors (EAs)

Expert Advisors (EAs)

An EA is a trading program which runs on your HilltopSwipe MT4 platform and trades automatically. New EAs coming soon!

Here are some of the most popular EAs:

  • CommodityRobot

    Strategy: Short-, Medium-term

    Instruments: Bitcoin, Coffee, Copper, Gold, Oil, Palladium, Silver

    The EA trades commodities based on statistical analysis of historical price changes. The developers also offer unlimited support for life. If they come up with a better trading algorithm, you will be able to update your EA free of charge to the latest version.
  • GPSForexRobot

    Strategy: Scalping


    This particular EA tends to enter the market by opening one single trade, with a high probability of closing that trade with a profit. If a trade closes with negative profit, the EA opens up a new trade in the opposite direction.

    The min. deposit requirement is $100, but many traders recommend to start with at least $2000.
  • MegaDroid

    Strategy: Scalping

    Instruments: Multicurrency

    As per feedback from Megadroid users, this EA performs best when the market is calm. Most traders were able to achieve extraordinary results trading EURUSD with this EA, and practice has shown that the best time to let this EA trade is between 21:00 and 01:00 GMT.

Please note! If you have questions regarding the purchasing and activating of the license, or you wish to tweak the settings of your EA, you will need to contact the developers directly.