Web Terminal MetaTrader

Web Terminal for MT4 and MT5

The Web Terminal, available for both MT4 and MT5 users, allows you to trade via a browser without the need for downloading additional software.

Trade directly from your HilltopSwipe account in your preferred browser and save time (and disc space). Simply log in and start trading.

Why use the Web Terminal?

The web platform’s interface is similar to the desktop version and is just as easy to use.
  • All trading operations: placing market and pending orders

  • Benefit from one-click trading (available on MT5 Web Terminal only)

  • Real-time quotes in Market Watch

  • Customisable price charts

  • 9 chart time frames

  • Basic analytical objects: horizontal, vertical and trend line, equidistant channel and Fibonacci lines

  • Universal access to trading activity

Web Terminal MetaTrader
Web Terminal MetaTrader

Supported browsers

Our MetaTrader Web Terminals are supported by higher versions of the following web browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft Edge 12

  • Mozilla Firefox 34

  • Google Chrome 43

  • Safari 8

  • Opera 32