Affiliate programme

Affiliate Programme:
Compensation plans

Here at HilltopSwipe we welcome anyone willing to join our growing Affiliate’s network. Our flexible compensation plans will benefit our partners, and our fair and stable trading environment will benefit the clients they refer.

Lot Rebate Plan

Up to USD 10 for every traded round-lot.
Choose this plan to start earning a flat reward whenever your client closes a lot. Rewards can go up to USD 10 depending on your client’s account type and the instrument traded.

‘Flat’ means that the reward is never affected by the base currency of accounts and therefore the amount you receive always remains the same.

Create an irresistible offering that will help you further grow your client base by combining this plan with our generous No Deposit Bonus, the 1:1000 leverage of our latest Optimum account and our super-competitive trading conditions.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

If you don’t want to get bogged down in volume-based models, you can choose our more straightforward CPA model, with which you can start earning the moment your clients open a funded account and meet a certain volume requirement

The minimum you can earn is USD 25 for each USD 100 deposited by an introduced client. Maximum earnings can go as high as USD 1000 should your introduced client deposit USD 4000 in one installment.

Hybrid Plan

If you were looking for a compromise between a volume-based and CPA plan, then our hybrid plan is exactly what you have been looking for.

Under this plan, you will be paid for introducing clients just like under the CPA plan, and will receive commission for as long as they continue to trade, just like under the volume-based model. The fixed payment you receive for introducing a client (the CPA part) and commission paid for the volume generated by clients under this plan are a bit lower compared to original models, but the combination of both revenue streams makes this plan extremely effective.
Commissions paid for trading non-forex instruments All Indices and Commodities CFDs are subject to a 25% spread commission.